What do we offer?


Short Films

Maven Design and Media are able to film, edit and produce a variety of short films that help you communicate your vision, product or message clearly and with impact. These 5-10 minute films are the perfect medium to post on your website or for use in promotional environments.


These 1-3 minute videos are designed to intrigue and capture people's curiosity, whilst also leaving them with an impression that lasts. Combining slick design, clear audio and quality content these promos are perfect for use in pitches, advertising spots or websites.

Drone Flights

Whether it's an environmental necessity or you're simply looking for that  special shot - aerial cinematography is a superb solution that can give your promotional material that extra edge. Capable of heights of 1000+ metres, our Drone can be used for establishing shots, sweeping vistas or closer to the ground for dynamic, tracking shots.


Whatever the event, we can capture the moment in all it's glory. From candid photography of live events, to portfolio and business photography Maven use the highest quality cameras and the latest technology to ensure that nothing is missed. 

Print Design

Whether you're looking to use physical media to supplement an already existing digital product or you're looking to produce a prospectus to show interested parties the best of your business, Maven Design have you covered. Business cards, advertising flyers, magazines, DVD's - whatever your needs we can design and print eye-catching designs that can't be ignored. 


Every business needs a brand, an identity to separate itself from it's competitors - we work in consultation with each client to ensure that your business is represented correctly, both visually as well as in copy. We are able to help with logo design, aesthetics and on-brand messaging to help forge you a strong and unique brand, no matter what industry you are competing with.

Business card 'simple' Websites

If you want to let your product or service do the talking, then a Business Card Website is what you need. Visually impacting, with simple, clear information, a 'simple' website will allow your customers to gain the information they need within seconds of visiting your site. Save your clients time by allowing Maven to build you a minimalist and aesthetically stunning website.

Bespoke Websites

"More? You want more?"

Well then, allow Maven to build you the website you want! Through our years of experience in web design we are able to create a huge variety of websites each with it's own individual identity.

Looking for interactive videos? No problem.
Want information to reveal itself as and when it is most needed. We can deliver. We can provide a comprehensive website, full of information and individualism to help take your business to the next level. 

E-Commerce Websites

Whatever your product, Maven are able to design an eCommerce website that best suits your needs. We can provide simple, limited item shopfronts that are able to take payment through a number of widely used and common ways (Apple Pay, Credit/Debit Card, Paypal etc) as well as more complex systems that are able to keep you informed of stock levels and combine with eBay stores and warehouses.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is the science of getting you to the top of every and any search engine (Google or otherwise!). Analytics and keyword campaigns can be a headache and a hassle so Maven handles it for you. Our aim is simple: get you as close to the top of any related searches for an affordable price that keeps you on-budget. Without the proper knowledge and expertise, SEO can turn into a blackhole for your finances so help us to help you make the most of your online presence.